What is MyJiraBot?

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MyJiraBot is a bot that allows you to integrate with your Jira. The bot works in Telegram, Google Chat and Discord messanger. Manage your Telegram, Discord or Google Chat integration using simple commands to retrieve updates in your Jira projects, get issues list and schedule reports from your Jira.

What types of Jira does MyJiraBot support?

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MyJiraBot works with Jira Cloud, Server, and Data Center. Jira Server and Data Center use the same authorization flow, but it's different for Jira Cloud.

How to add MyJiraBot in Google Chat?

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  1. Open Google Chat from your Paid Google Workspace account
  2. Find and click on + button on the left sidebar near the 'Chat' title.
  3. Click on 'Find apps'
  4. Type 'MyJiraBot' in the search
  5. Click on 'Chat' to start chat with the bot

How to add MyJiraBot in Discord?

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To add the bot to Discord Server you must have Manage Server permission in the server.

Follow the link to add the bot to your space in Discord: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=1164194962901057546&permissions=0&scope=applications.commands%20bot

After you add the bot to the server, it becomes available in all channels. However, you need to connect the bot to Jira account in #general channel and than you can use the same Jira authorization in any other channel. To connect the bot use /help command as on the screenshot below and then click on 'Connect Jira'.

Can I use MyJiraBot in group chats?

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Yes, you can use MyJiraBot in both private or group chats in Telegram or Google chat. For Discord it works for Channels and Direct chat with the bot.

Can I use MyJiraBot in Telegram channels?

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No, the bot doesn't support Channels in Telegram, but you can still use it in the Telegram Group.

Do I need Jira admin access to use the bot?

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No, you can use the bot as a regular Jira user without admin permission. But if you use Jira Server or Jira Data Center and want to set up notifications from your Jira you need to ask your Jira admin to set up the webhook for the bot. It takes 2 minutes to do, you can find an instruction here: https://telegra.ph/Add-MyJiraBot-webhook-to-Jira-Server-07-13

I'm getting the error "Invalid Jira host name. Please try again" when trying to connect to the bot. What is the issue?

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The general issue is that MyJiraBot can't reach your Jira URL. Two possible reasons for this:
1. You made a typo in the URL. Check it and try again.
2. Your Jira can be reached only inside your corporate network / using a VPN. Unfortunately, our bot doesn't support a VPN connection, so there is no way to use it in this case.

Can I connect several Jira instances to the bot?

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Telegram and Google Chat. You are restricted to use one Jira account in one chat. If you want to use two or more Jira accounts you can create a group chat with the bot and connect the bot to another account there.
Discord. You only can use one Jira account per Discord server.

How to understand which Jira type (Server, Data Center or Cloud) I use?

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First, look at the URL format in the browser’s address bar.  If the format is “yourcompany.atlassian.net”, Atlassian is hosting Jira. Atlassian has future plans for custom URLs, but for now, it’s a quick way to to signify you have Jira Cloud.

Atlassian is hosting Jira screen

Next, Jira Server and Data Center has the version number displayed at the bottom of most pages. You can also see the version number on the Help > About Jira page in the main navigation. You’ll need this version number to leverage the correct documentation.

What is report in MyJiraBot?

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Report is a scheduled message in MyJiraBot with a list of issues filtered by chosen parameters. To create scheduled reports, you need to set up frequency (daily, weekly, monthly), specify time for the report and select issues filters. MyJiraBot allows you to use your favorite filters from Jira or choose a new filter from limited parameters: Project, Assignee, Status, Priority, Due date.  This is how reports looks like:

report example 2report example 1

What types of updates does MyJiraBot support?

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  • Issue created
  • Issue deleted
  • Comment added
  • Description was updated
  • Issue was assigned
  • Status was updated
  • Resolution was updated
  • Priority was updated
  • Summary was updated
  • Attachment was added
  • Custom field was changed

Can I configure what type of notifications I want to receive from Jira?

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Yes, you can specify which events in Jira can trigger notifications for you. To do so, go to /watch > Configure notifications > Choose your subscription > Type of events. You are able to configure this setting for each subscription you create individually.

Can I exclude updates made by me from my notifications?

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Yes, you can filter updates made by you to, for example, don't receive notifications about comments left by you or issue updates made by you. To do so, you need use /watch > Configure notifications > Choose project you want to configure > Types of events > Deselect 'Include events triggered by me'.

How to set up the bot to send notifications in the selected channel in Discord?

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MyJiraBot sends notifications to the channel where you set up the bot. For example, if you used the /watch command in #general to set up notifications - the bot will send notifications to this channel. So you need to select the channel you want to receive notification, use /watch command there > Add new subscription > and finish the subscription flow. Then, the bot will send messages to this channel.

Why I get 'bot doesn't have permission to send messages to the channel' error in Discord?

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It seems you added the bot to the private channel without adding permission to send notifications to it. To fix this, go to Edit Channel > Permissions > Add members and roles > Find and add the bot.

How to restrict channels the Discord bot can be used by slash commands?

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Firstly, click the icon of your server located on the left side of the screen. Next, hover over ‘Server Settings,’ choose ‘Integrations’ and find 'Bots and Apps'.  In the bot's settings, you can change which members or roles can use commands and which channels allow commands. To limit the bot to one channel, select ‘Add Channels’ next to the ‘Channels’ menu. Then, select the channel in which you want to allow commands. You can also select multiple channels if you want to allow commands in more than one channel.

I stopped to receive notifications from Jira, what should I do?

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The one reason you don't get notifications or get them with a delay is bulk updates in your Jira, when someone does a lot of changes at one time and triggers a lot of notifications. In that case, we stop to send you updates until the bulk update is finished.

More about Jira bulk updates:

What are custom fields in MyJiraBot?

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MyJiraBot allows you to interact with Jira custom fields, so you can get updates when some custom field is triggered or can see a custom field value in your notifications. By default your Jira instance probably already have some custom fields like Sprint, Team, Rank, etc and you can also create some custom fields by yourself. For example, your team may use Storypoints custom field in your Jira tickets and you want to get updates when this field is triggered.

To go so you need to go to /watch > Setup custom fields and choose with which custom fields you want to interact in MyJiraBot. After you enable custom fields there - you can go to /watch > Configure notifications > Type of events and select 'Custom field was updated' there if you want to receive updates when the custom field is changed.

Also, you can show info from custom fields in your updates by enabling /watch > Configure notifications > Notifications format > Custom field.

More about custom fields:

What is issue preview? How does it work?

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Issue preview setting available for Telegram and Google Chat (personal chats only). This setting allows you to get previews of your issues once you mention their key or url in some chat.
In Telegram to be able to use this setting in a group chat you need to add MyJiraBot as an admin to the chat. You can give a minimun Admin permissions as on the screenshot below.

Does the bot support Telegram topics?

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Yes, MyJiraBot works in Telegram group chat with topics. You can call the bot on some specific topic and set up Jira notifications (/watch) from that topic and the bot will send notifications only in the topic where notifications where set up. In this way, you can set up different notifications for different topics.

How to disconnect my Jira account from the bot?

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To disconnect your Jira account in Telegram/Google chat use /disconnect command.

To disconnect your Jira account in Discord choose the option 'Disconnect the bot from Jira' from the /help > Settings.

Your authorization token and all subscriptions and reports settings will be deleted after disconnection.

How to delete the bot from my Discord server?

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To completely delete the bot from your server you need to go to Server Settings > Member > Click on three dots near MyJiraBot and choose 'Kick MyJiraBot' option.

Your authorization token and all subscriptions and reports settings will be deleted after it.

Does the bot has localizations?

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No, MyJiraBot only has an English version.

If you couldn't find an answer to your question or experience any issues using MyJiraBot, feel free to reach out to us through myjirabot@redwerk.com