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How To Start

How to start?

Select your Messanger:

2. Click 'Start'

3. Click 'Connect to Jira'

4. Choose your Jira type and follow the instructions.

You don't need to be a Jira Admin to use the bot. Only for Jira Server if you want to get notifications you need to ask your Jira Admin to create a webhook; it takes 2 min.

Get started

1. Open Google Chat from your Paid Google Workspace account

2. Find and click on + button on the left sidebar near the 'Chat' title'

3. Click on 'Find apps'

4. Type 'MyJiraBot' in the search

5. Click on 'Chat' to start chat with the bot

6. Click 'Connect to Jira'

7. Choose your Jira type and follow the instructions.

If you can't find the 'Find apps' button that means your Google Workspace admin restricted permissions to add apps in your Workspace.

1. Follow the link to add the bot to the server

2. Use /help command

3. Click 'Connect to Jira'

4. Choose your Jira type and follow the instructions.

To add the bot to Discord Server, you must have Manage Server permission on the server.


List of commands you can use

Manage Jira notifications


  • Create a subscription to new events in your Jira
  • Configure notifications: format and event types you want to get
  • Check your active subscriptions
  • Unsubscribe from updates
Jira Telegram notifications

Show Jira issues by specific filter


Use several options to get a list of issues from your Jira:

  • By a favorite filter
  • By a user (Show all tickets assigned to a selected user)
  • By a project (Show all tickets from a selected project)
  • By due date
Telegram bot for Jira

Set up reports based on Jira data


Get regular reports with a list of your Jira issues once per day, week or month. For example, get your unresolved issues daily when you start to work.

Jira integration for Telegram
Luise, Project Manager

Katrine, Product Manager

Katrine set up notifications from her 'Product launch' project with a tight deadline using /watch command. Now she is able to get important notifications from the project even she is away from my laptop, which allows her to monitor the latest events no matter where she is.

Luise, Project Manager

Luise, Project Manager

Luise's team works using Kanban and is important to track Jira tickets that have been stuck on the team's Kanban board for a long time. Luise has a filter "Expired tickets" in Jira to find those tasks: not status changed during (-10d, now()) AND resolution is empty. So Luise uses the /filter command to quickly check the list of old tickets before the daily standup with the team.

Luise, Project Manager

Denis, Lead Developer

Part of Denis's work is to make Pull Request reviews, he has a time-box of 2h in the morning to do it. So he set up the /schedule command which sends him a list of tickets that are in 'PR review' status each morning at 9 am when his work day starts.

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Work with Bitbucket,
Github or Gitlab?

Try MyRepoBot, which notifies you about your repository events. Connect Bitbucket, Github or Gitlab repo, configure notifications, and keep up with your updates!

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